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WebQuest Repository
This is a growing selection of WebQuests created by participants on our courses. They are presented with the permission of the writers. Please feel free to try them out - if you use them in class, please contact the author(s) who have asked to be contacted to let them know how they went.

General Language WebQuests
Business English WebQuests
Teacher Training & Education WebQuests
English for Peacekeeping WebQuests
Why Use WebQuests?
WebQuests allow your learners to make the best possible use of nine major national museum collections online. The WebQuests are all linked to the English National Curriculum at different Key Stages. Each one sets your learners an exciting challenge or series of tasks. These tasks are completed by learners researching information from the online museum collections.
Using WebQuests:
• Fosters creative and critical thinking
• Encourages individual, group and class decision-making
• Develops genuine research skills, not cutting and pasting
• Integrates online research with offline tasks, linking the virtual and real worlds
• Supports the development of web and media literacy
• Promote individualised learning by creating lots of choice for learners
• Are flexible and of different lengths, fitting well into schemes of work
• Can be carried out in school or as homework
• Link different areas of the curriculum in inspiring ways
• Provide plenty of scope for differentiation and different learning styles
• Have full teachers’ notes, glossaries and online tools
Additionally, WebQuests:
• Allow comparisons between objects held in different museum collections
• Give access to collections by eliminating geographical and cost barriers
• Provide zoom facilities for viewing objects in very close detail
• Model transferable skills about how to learn from objects and pictures
• Present a wide range of sources of inspiration and evidence
• Can stimulate lifelong interest in museum collections
© National Museums Online Learning Project

Developing and Implementing WebQuests


WebQuests by Dr. Nellie Deutsch
Find out how you can engage your students in experiential (hands on) learning activities that promote social learning skills via teamwork, higher order critical thinking via inquiry and problem-based learning, and technology through the use of the Internet. Motivate your students to become lifelong learners by using or creating WebQuests.  Learn how to use and create WebQuests.
The most complete and current source of information about the WebQuest Model. Whether you're an education student new to the topic or an experienced teacher educator looking for materials, you'll find something here to meet your needs.

WebQuests: An Online Introduction
Do you want to learn the basics about WebQuests? Check out this online introduction to discover the basic components of a WebQuest lesson.

Cindy's WebQuest Templates
Download WebQuest templates in a rainbow of colors. These frames-free templates are easy to use and look very professional.

Visit the WebQuest Resource Page for information on what webquests are and how to create them! Use these links to find a WebQuest to use with your class or find theme links to use in creating your own webquest! >>>
Webquest Generators for Teachers
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