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Интерактивная презентация

Тема «презентация» состоит из нескольких взаимосвязанных подтем:

- Оформление презентации – дизайн презентации
- Техническое выполнение презентации, знание её внутренних технических возможностей
- Выступление с поддержкой в виде презентации. Публичное выступление
- Использование презентации в уроке, грамотное включение презентации в ход урока, на разных этапах урока.
- Использование технических возможностей презентации для организации активной работы детей, а не для  статичной картинки или плаката.

Каждая тема достойна внимания и отдельного изучения.
Дизайн презентации
Использование презентации на уроке

Выступление с поддержкой в виде презентации. Публичное выступление
10 Tips on Becoming a Better Presenter http://presentationsoft.about.com/od/powerpointinbusiness/tp/071231resolutions.htm

Техническое выполнение презентации, знание её внутренних технических возможностей

Powerpoint for teachers
If you have the right facilities in your classroom, powerpoint can be a simple but effective tool for a teacher. This video looks at some of the pros and cons of using it, and also gives some example activities you could try in your lessons.

Технологии второго поколения для создания презентаций

1. http://prezi.com/
Create astonishing presentations live and on the web.

 2. http://www.picturetrail.com/
Biggest slideshow selection on the web!

3. Scrapblog - www.scrapblog.com

4. http://animoto.com/: Turn your photos & videos into pure amazing. Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy.

5. http://www.slideboom.com/

6. http://www.authorstream.com/slideshows/

7. http://www.sliderocket.com/

8. http://www.scribd.com/

9. http://280slides.com/
280 Slides is a web based tool for creating presentations which are then stored online and can be embedded into blogs or web pages. It also enables users to integrate multimedia content into their presentations and so create dynamic and engaging learning activities and tasks.
Ideas how to use it >>>

10. http://www.mixbook.com/
11. Glogster

Идеи с сайта The Consultants-E
Use Glogster to create multi-media online posters. Add text, photos, video… it´s a great-looking way to present information. Your glog (online poster) is stored online so you can visit and comment on others´ glogs.
Classroom uses:
1. Glog yourself – a new take on ‘About Me’ activities.
2. Share key points of a book, a film, a YouTube video, etc.
3. Experiment with using text & media (tech literacy skills).
4. Present group findings/research on  a topic to the rest of the class.

Links & Resources
1. Student-made glogs from around the world.
2. A clear print tutorial with screenshots showing how to use Glogster.
3. A great load of links to more tutorials on Glogster.
4. A step by step slideshow on how to set up and use a Glogster Edu account – Edu accounts are useful if you want to set up individual Glogs for your students.

 Download Tool Of The Month: Glogster pdf to use in your training or teacher development sessions

How Teachers & Students Can Use Glogster to Make Lessons More Fun

12. VoiceThread - www.voicethread.com

Ссылки на ресурсы, выполненные по технологии VoiceThread:
 An Example of the use of Voicethread in the Classroom
Why being an English teacher?
Примеры видеороликов, выполненные на сайте VoiceThread
Voicethread: Create, Collaborate, Moderate and Share!

Ссылки по теме:

!!! Thousands of Free Presentations in PowerPoint format
& Free Interactive Games for Kids   http://www.pppst.com/Online Presentation Tools >>>

Online Presentation Tools for Researchers >>> 

Web 2.0 Presentation Tools & Resources: Flickr, SlideShare, Zoho Show & More >>>


ESL PowerPoint Lesson Downloads:

Article by Futonge Kisito: Using PowerPoint Presentations to teach ESL

Improving Your Presentations
Year One primary teacher Lise Bosher is challenged to improve her presentation skills using ICT.
Presenting to pupils is something teachers do on a day to day basis, yet many are still nervous about incorporating ICT into their presentations. >>>

Vicki Blackwell: Power Pointers
This websites involves a list of websites which are filled with pre-made PowerPoints for teachers to download and customize to their specific curriculum needs: http://www.vickiblackwell.com/ppt/index.html

World of Teaching
Powerpoint Presentations- Free biology, chemistry, maths, English, history, physics, geography and Spanish. Great for KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 and post 16 A level lesson plans, K-12 and more
: http://www.worldofteaching.com/

Коммерческий сайт, где можно подписаться на бесплатные шаблоны для презентаций: http://www.presentationload.com/index.php?cl=info&tpl=sign_up_en.tpl

ESL Fun Games for Teachers & Students - Practice & Play
На сайте вы найдете игры для изучения английского языка, выполненные на основе презентаций PowerPoint

Powerpoint games
Designed to help you bring fun to the class, our PPT games are excellent classroom games for classes with white boards and computers: http://www.eslgamesworld.com/members/games/pptgames/index.html

The following links include templates and examples of Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares games and other lesson ideas that were created using PowerPoint.  If you would like to create your own or would like my help in creating a game for your class, let me know: http://teach.fcps.net/trt10/PowerPoint.htm

Fun & Games
PowerPoint Templates: http://teach.fcps.net/trt4/FETC03/fun2.htm, http://teach.fcps.net/trt4/FETC03/fungames.htm

Презентации по английскому языку: http://www.laem.ru/presentation-english-language

9 Presentation Tips for Students
Create Classroom Presentations Worthy of an 'A'

PowerPoint Background Templates for Teachers


Подборка ресурсов по презентациям

Free Education PowerPoint Templates

Welcome to the Template page!.. Remember, it really is FREE art for your classroom, newsletters, or wherever you can find a use for it...

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds
By following the image-links below, you will find 100s of free PowerPoint backgrounds, ready to download, as well as 1,000s of premium-quality for-purchase PowerPoint templates, courtesy of Crystal Graphics, all designed to add professional impact to all your PowerPoint presentations. Just looking through all the choices can be half the fun!

Guides and Tutorials offers a growing library of Free PowerPoint Templates that you can download and use immediately for your own presentations.
Guides and Tutorials PowerPoint Templates helps you create expert presentations in minutes to impress your family, friends, students, and co-workers. With PowerPoint 2003, we will show you how to create and edit professional looking presentations.

!!! Free presentation resources for students & teachers!
Use these free backgrounds, templates, letters, frames, and buttons for school presentations, websites, class newsletters, digital scrapbooking, and student portfolios. Thousands of presentation elements and millions of combinations allow you to customize your school projects, electronic scrapbook, or eportfolio. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission.




Over 220 PowerPoints! These presentations range in size from a dozen or so slides each to over 145 slides. Several PPTs contain large sound/music files. Therefore, they may take a while to load. Be patient! To teachers--save them, modify them, use them in your classrooms as you wish, BUT please do NOT run the PPTs from this site. Download them and save them on your own hard drive. Just keep me as the original source. http://www.pptpalooza.net/

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